Company History

  • 2017

    Active in international exhibitions, attended Dubai MEE 2017(Booth No. SAK46) and CWIEME Berlin 2017(Booth No. 21C20) in the first half of 2017, improve Xinyu brand’s popularity.

  • 2016

    2016.5.10-2016.5.12 Participated in world-famous CWIEME Berlin Exhibition 2016(Booth No. 31C26) for the first time.

  • 2015

    Xinyu has made remarkable achievements in international business, exports grew to 22 countries. 

  • 2014

    Internal: integrate resources, expanse production line, satisfy various demands of customers; external: cooperate with Panasonic and Schneider.

  • 2013.8.12

    Officially rename as Suzhou Wujiang Xinyu Electric Material Co., Ltd., for Wujiang merged into Suzhou City.

  • 2012

    Stable customer group, gradually expand new market, steady growth performance, start cooperation with Jiuyang and TAMURA.

  • 2011

     Initial market transformation completed, from India and Pakistan to mid and high-end market (e.g. Turkey, Russia, etc.)

  • 2010

    Xinyu Trademark and Logo registered; Suzhou Famous Brand Product and UL authoritative certification obtained.

  • 2009.7.7

    ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certification approved.

  • 2008.9.3

    Start to develop foreign trade business and produce enameled wire according to international standard.

  • 2007

    Mainly develop domestic business, win customers’ trust with high quality products, laying a solid foundation for marching to international market.

  • 2006.8.11

    Wujiang Xinyu Composites Co.,Ltd. officially registered.

  • 2005

     After 3 years development, Xinyu bought land and built factory, had our own plant.

  • 2002

     Xinyu stepped into enameled wire industry. 

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