Advantages of Xinyu Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Summary: The new round enameled aluminum wire with bare copper traces is designed for precision cutting, wir...
The new round enameled aluminum wire with bare copper traces is designed for precision cutting, wire stripping and crimping, soldered joints and soldering various electronic components. The alloy material round enameled aluminum round wire is highly sought after, because of its unique, eye catching, long-lasting and corrosion resistant property. It is used in circuit design applications, aerospace, automotive and marine applications, communications, industrial welding, and microwave and fiber optic applications. The material has the ability to conduct a large current due to its small size and it is used in many industries for these applications.
The material has the ability to resist corrosion, which makes the round aluminum round wire highly useful in places where there is high salt content or moisture. The alloy, enamel, contains hydride which gives it the capability to resist corrosion when moisture seeps into it. Enamel is resistant to fatigue, impact and wear and tear. It is ideal for cutting, wrapping and forming and can be used for exotic and complicated wire configurations.
Advantage of Enamelled Aluminium Round & Flat Winding Wire
Copper clad aluminum wire density is small, light weight, the wire can reduce the quality of the transformer, reduce the labor intensity of workers, the product has convenient transportation and installation.
One of the primary properties that make Enamelled Aluminium Wire desirable for wide applications is the thin enameling insulation. Transformers, motors and generators are all machines based on the coil, which is a device that generates magnetic fields and electrical currents using large coils of wire. The smaller these devices are, the stronger they are. Because Enameled Aluminum Magnet Wire and Enameled copper Magnet Wire is insulated by a thin coat of enamel instead other types of thicker insulation like paper, fibre glass, mica etc. As Enamel Aluminum Wire or Enamel Copper Wire takes up less space in coil formation so it makes more effective and compact coils with higher efficiency.
From the material specific heat, copper clad aluminum wire copper wire with high specific heat ratio. Therefore, under the condition of the same resistance current and time, the temperature of the winding is low, which prolongs the aging process of the insulation and improves the life of the transformer.
Enameled Aluminium Winding Wire and Enameled copper Winding wire are widely used in electric devices because of their conductivity. Aluminium Enameled Wire and Copper Enameled wire are meant to carry electrical currents. Specially, Enamel Copper Magnet Wire has less resistance than almost any other insulated wires. This means that generators using enamel copper wires will produce more electricity than generators using most other substances. Coils of Motors made of Enamel Copper Winding Wire will produce more motion. Transformers made of Enamel Aluminium Wire or Enamel Copper Wire will lose less energy.
From the density of the material, the copper wire density is 8.89, and the copper clad aluminum wire density is 3.63, about 40% of the copper wire. This means that, in the same quality and diameter under the condition of copper clad aluminum wire length is about 2.5 times the length of the copper wire.
However, because of copper clad aluminum wire resistivity than copper wire is large, in order to make the two wires per unit length has the same resistance, must be the cross sectional area of copper clad aluminum wire increase.
From the above analysis shows that the copper clad aluminum wire not only take into account the excellent properties of copper and aluminum, and the price is low. Please visit to know more information