Aluminum Enameled Wire Welding Paint Stripping Treatment

Summary:   To solder the aluminum enameled wire, it is necessary to remove the paint (there are very few hou...

  To solder the aluminum enameled wire, it is necessary to remove the paint (there are very few household electric fans with very low requirements, and the ballast manufacturer does not remove the paint). I have tried many ways to remove the paint. And explain its pros and cons. (1) You can use a blade to scrape, (2) You can use a centrifugal knife to peel off, (3) You can also use a grinding wheel to remove the paint, (4) Of course, paint remover can also be used, (5) You can also use high-temperature tin to burn (6) Some people use fire to burn (7) Of course you can also use paint remover to remove paint. In short, there are many ways to remove paint. Let's discuss which method is best for you.

  The first type: the paint stripping method of aluminum enameled wire is of course the blade scraping paint, the most traditional, there is not much technical content, with special tools, the surface damage to the aluminum wire is relatively small, and there is no high temperature, and no oxide film is formed on the aluminum surface. , The thread has not become brittle, but the efficiency is too low, and it is only suitable for the paint stripping of large threads. The thread with a diameter of less than 0.5mm is not suitable, because the thin thread is very easy to be scratched, and it is constantly severely damaged by the scraper. Deteriorating, not suitable for large-scale operations. In addition, after aluminum enameled wire is scraped, burrs are generated on the surface, which is not conducive to welding.

  The second type: aluminum enameled wire stripping Let’s talk about centrifugal knives. This is said to be a kind of paint stripping equipment introduced in Germany at first. It uses 3 high-speed rotating knives to directly peel off the aluminum enameled wire paint. The efficiency is good. This paint stripping method is the same as manual scraping, and it is only suitable for large-line paint stripping. Everyone knows that the physical properties of aluminum are soft and have poor toughness, about half that of copper. When using a centrifugal knife, it can easily be twisted into a rope and be broken directly. If the diameter of the aluminum enameled wire you use Under 1.5MM, the centrifugal knife is not suitable for you. Even if it is not broken directly, it will be screwed indefinitely. If you use aluminum enameled wire with a smaller diameter, basically do not consider this. This kind of paint removal method is not suitable for most motor manufacturers, because the diameter of aluminum enameled wire used by motor manufacturers is relatively small. In addition, the centrifugal knife will also peel off a layer of aluminum wire during paint stripping. The diameter of aluminum enameled wire will generally be smaller or larger by tens of wires. This method may not be used for customers with higher requirements.

  The third type: aluminum enameled wire grinding wheel, whether you are using a steel wire wheel or a fiber wheel, the temperature of the aluminum wire will increase rapidly with high-speed friction when the paint on the aluminum enameled wire is worn away With the high-speed air flow, the surface of the aluminum wire is rapidly oxidized, and it is difficult to handle after being oxidized. In addition, due to the different materials of the grinding wheels, generally speaking, the aluminum enameled wire ground on the steel wire wheel turns yellow, and the aluminum enameled wire ground on the fiber wheel turns gray or black. In short, whether it is the aluminum wire ground on the steel wire wheel or the fiber wheel The color of the aluminum is not the silvery white of aluminum itself. After the thick wire is ground by the grinding wheel, the degree of oxidation is small, and the silver white can be seen. The effect of the thin wire is much worse, and the thin wire is easily worn off and becomes brittle after grinding. . So, if your company is using thicker thread, you can choose this method, if it is thinner, this method is not suitable.

  The fourth: aluminum enameled wire paint stripping method is to use paint stripper. I believe many people have used this product. I also believe that many people can't stand its paint stripping efficiency for a long time. However, in about a minute, you will have to wait for the 150-wire off, and you have to wait hard for the 180-wire off. Don’t wait for the 220-wire off. This product is for aluminum enameled wire. It is less harmful. Generally speaking, it is a better way to use paint remover to remove paint. Many factories make special molds, and a large number of aluminum enameled wires soaked in paint remover are placed on a fixed shelf to wait for the paint remover to react. The efficiency is okay. But for the high temperature wire, the paint stripping of various manufacturers is basically useless now, no matter how much time waits, the paint will not take off, so this method is not suitable for the high temperature wire. In addition, by the way, paint strippers are generally alkaline. Aluminum is an amphoteric metal. Acid can corrode it, but alkali can also be used. So remind friends who are using paint strippers to use them after you remove the paint. Be sure to rinse with clean water (or alcohol) (Ultrasonic cleaner is best). The paint remover is easier to dissolve in water or alcohol. Just a little bleach. Be careful that your solder joint is corroded by the paint remover.