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Annealing Process of Enamelled Wire


The purpose of the annealing is to make the conductor h […]

The purpose of the annealing is to make the conductor harden due to the lattice changes during the stretching process of the mold and heat it to a certain temperature so as to restore the softness required by the process after rearrangement of the molecular lattices and to remove the residual conductor surface during the stretching process Lubricants, oil, etc., make the enamelled wire easy to paint, to ensure the quality of enamelled wire. The most important thing is to ensure that the enameled wire has proper softness and elongation in the process of being used as a winding, and at the same time helps to improve the electrical conductivity.

Annealing of copper wire, there are currently three ways commonly used: a plate annealing; wire drawing machine continuous annealing; continuous enameling charter annealing. The first two methods can not meet the requirements of enamel process. Into the plate annealing can only make the copper soften, and to the oil is not complete, due to annealed wire soft, pay-off increased bending. Continuous annealing in the wire drawing machine, although the copper can be achieved to soften and remove the surface of the grease, but the soft copper wire annealed to the reel to form a lot of bending. Continuous annealing before painting on the enamelling machine not only achieves the purpose of softening and degreasing, but also the annealed wire is straight and directly enters the painting device to be coated with a uniform paint film.

Annealing furnace temperature according to the length of the annealing furnace, copper wire specifications, line speed to decide. At the same temperature and speed, the longer the annealing furnace, the more fully the recovery of the conductor lattice. In the lower annealing temperature, the higher the furnace temperature, the better the elongation, but the annealing temperature is high, the opposite phenomenon occurs, the higher the temperature, the smaller the elongation, and the wire surface luster, and even easy to brittle .