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Characteristics and Application (Self-adhesive Enameled Wire) II


The self-adhesive enamel-wound coil can be directly fus […]

The self-adhesive enamel-wound coil can be directly fused by baking or coiling or by a suitable solvent to make the self-adhesive coating melt and bond with each other, perform physicochemical action, and fix it by itself after cooling. It can be said that the local use of enameled wire can more effectively use self-adhesive Enameled Wire.

Their use can be broadly divided into two categories: the first is the production of special shapes or non-skeletal coils, and it is necessary to use self-adhesive enameled wires for such coils. If the TV deflection coil is made using a common enameled wire, the technique is often messy and difficult to manufacture. The second type is the production of various electrical appliances and motor windings. Usually, these coils can be made by using ordinary enameled wires, but they need to be pre-baked, drier, dried, etc., and the working hours are several hours or even tens of hours. After using the self-adhesive enameled wire, not only can the technical process be completed within a few minutes to a few minutes, and the above impregnation process can be defeated. From the point of view of technical development, the self-adhesive enameled wire has a very broad way of promoting the use of such coils.

Making the motor windings from self-adhesive enameled wires can eliminate the impregnation process in whole or in part. The so-called "some omission of the impregnation process" means that some windings can be appropriately immersed in consideration of the fixing of the slot, the iron core, etc. or some special requirements. In addition, the self-adhesive enameled wire is used to make the motor winding, which can also realize the connection and automation of the production, save the production place and improve the quality level of the coil.