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Characteristics and Application (Self-adhesive Enameled Wire)


During the manufacturing process of enameled wire, the […]

During the manufacturing process of enameled wire, the motor windings are required to be immersed to fix the orientation of the coil. At present, there are two methods for impregnating the winding of the motor coil. One is that the winding is entirely immersed in the liquid resin (impregnating varnish), and the other is that the resin is dropped into the fixed portion of the coil. Both of these methods require baking and curing in order for the impregnation to truly demonstrate its skill and effectiveness.

The impregnation of the enameled wire first makes the coils themselves bonded into one body, so that the coils are insulated from the slots, and the silicon steel sheets are bonded together. Structurally, it can act as a fix; in terms of heat transfer, it can improve heat transfer and lower temperature rise. Although the above impregnation method can obtain a satisfactory effect, it also has the following deficiencies:

(1) The impregnation of the impregnated varnish for the inside of the tightly wound coil is generally unreliable and unpredictable, and there are often cases where bubbles and the substrate are not stuck, especially for high solids impregnating varnishes.

(2) The impregnating varnish enters the coil and then transpires the solvent by baking. Not only does the coil have more or less bad physicochemical effects, but also consumes a lot of heat energy, and the manufacture and repair of the impregnation equipment also requires a certain cost.

(3) The transpiration of the solvent will pollute the environment, which is not conducive to the health of the operator, and also has the risk of fire. Therefore, how to improve the impregnation process is a question of the constant demand research in the process of motor winding production.

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