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Classification of Enameled Wire by Conductor


Enameled Wire is mainly composed of conductor and insul […]

Enameled Wire is mainly composed of conductor and insulation layer. The main production process includes annealing the conductor and enameling several time on the surface to get relatively thin insulation but high break-down voltage. In recent years, with the rapid development of electrical and electronic products, enameled wire has been applied to various fields of production and life, such as various types of motors, transformers, rectifiers, voice coil, electromagnetic inductance coil.

Classification of Enameled Wire by Conductor

1. Enameled Copper Wire

Advantages: as the most traditional type of enameled wire, the application field is wide, soldering convenient, performance stable.

Disadvantages: high cost of production.

2. Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Advantages: as envelope alternatives of pure enameled copper wire, it has good performance of high frequency transmission, originally it was applied in various types of high-frequency electromagnetic induction coil; now in order to save more production cost, ECCA wire has been widely used in various types of electronic coils, transformers, inductors, rectifiers, and all kinds of large and small motors, and has excellent soldering performance. Its density is low, the weight of the unit product can at least save 40% of the copper wire, it can save a lot of cost of production material. Disadvantages: the tensile strength is about 50% of pure copper wire, Ecca wire will break more frequently than copper wire.

3. Enameled Aluminium Wire

Advantages: due to much lower density than copper clad aluminum wire, weight per unit product can save at least 60% than the copper wire. Using aluminium wire will save much more cost of production materials.

Disadvantages: tensile strength is about 30%-40% of the copper wire, the conductor is easy to stretch during production;

The surface of the aluminum conductor is not easy to direct solder, special treatment of welding joints is required.

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