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Cool Down and Wind Up of Enameled Wire


From the oven out of the enameled wire, the temperature […]

From the oven out of the enameled wire, the temperature is high, the film is very soft, the intensity is very small, if not timely cooling, after the guide roller paint film is damaged, affecting the enameled wire quality. Line speed is relatively slow, as long as there is a certain length of the cooling section, the enameled wire can be naturally cooled, the line speed of natural cooling does not meet the requirements, you must force cooling, or can not increase the line speed.

Forced air cooling is currently widely used method. Use a blower to cool the wire countercurrent through the duct and cooler. Note that the source of air must be purified before use, so as not to impurities and dust blowing enameled wire surface, dip in the paint film, resulting in surface problems.

Although the water cooling effect is very good, but it will affect the quality of the enameled wire, so that the film containing water, paint film to reduce scratch, solvent and other properties, should not be used.

The purpose of collecting and discharging cables is to wind the enameled wire continuously, tightly and uniformly onto the bobbin. Requires close mechanism drive smooth, low noise, proper tension and cable layout. In the quality of the enameled wire, due to income, bad cable is caused by the proportion of returns is great, mainly in the receiving tension, the wire diameter is thinning or the disk burst; take-up tension is small, the reel on Loose lines caused by messy, uneven cable caused random lines. Although most of these problems are caused by improper operation, it is necessary to take the necessary measures in the process to provide convenience to the operators.

Winding tension is very important, which mainly rely on the operator's feel control. Based on experience to provide some of the data are as follows: about 1.0mm thick line is about 10% of non-extension tension, the center line is about 15% of the non-extension tension, the thin wire is about 20% of the non-extension tension and the fine line is about the non-extension tension Of the 25%.

Enameled wire lubrication on the close of the line also has a very large relationship. Enamel wire lubricants used to make the surface of the enameled wire slippery, no harm to the wire, does not affect the strength of the receiving reel and does not affect the user's use as a principle. The ideal amount of oil to reach the touch of enameled wire slip, but can not see the obvious hand oil. Quantitatively, 1M2 enamelled wire surface coated with 1 g of oil can be.