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Copper Clad Aluminum Enameled Wire Has Obvious Advantages II


Copper clad Aluminum Enameled Wire is mainly aluminum c […]

Copper clad Aluminum Enameled Wire is mainly aluminum conductor wire, coated with a certain amount of copper conductor, can be used as coaxial cable conductor, can also be used as electrical equipment in the wire and cable conductor.

In order to avoid the electrochemical corrosion of the copper-clad aluminum wire end, the method is to block the end from the atmosphere. At present, there are two main ways to solve this problem:

1. Electroplating method: A layer of copper is plated at the joint of the copper clad aluminum wire but it takes too much time. However, the company that produces copper clad aluminum wire has little problem, because many joints can be plated together. The difficulty is that the copper plating on the exterior of aluminum is very difficult.

2. Copper-coated fast-drying paint: dry within two minutes, color and copper appropriate. This is very convenient for users who use copper clad aluminum wire. Since the user can cut the wiring at any location, it is possible to avoid corrosion by simply applying a quick-drying paint to the section.

At present, copper clad aluminum wire has been widely used in the cable television industry, and the copper clad aluminum wire in the United States has become the standard material for coaxial cable. It is a new generation of copper wire, which has the advantages of rational utilization of natural resources, reduction of production cost, and convenience of engineering construction. In China, with the gradual understanding and correct understanding of copper-clad aluminum wire, the development prospect of copper-clad aluminum wire will be very broad.