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Correct Maintenance of Aluminum Magnet Wire


There will be certain failures in the use of any produc […]

There will be certain failures in the use of any product, which is certainly no exception for Aluminum Magnet Wire. I believe that people should not feel strange about magnet wire, which is widely used in industrial production. The use of aluminum magnet wire will bring great convenience to people, but if there is a fault, it will cause a very bad impact on people, and people should pay attention to the maintenance of aluminum magnet wire.

1. The voltage of aluminum magnet wire needs to be tested. When the voltage of the attraction coil of the AC contactor is 90% of the rated voltage of the aluminum magnet wire, the aluminum magnet wire can work normally without worrying too much.

2. When the aluminum magnet wire is used, it is necessary to check whether there is overheating. If there is overheating, ageing or discolouration will occur on the outside. If there is such a situation and it is possible that it is due to short-circuit noise on the ramp, it needs to be replaced at this time to prevent accidents.

3. The lead wire and wiping wire of aluminum magnet wire also needs to be checked to see if there is any open welding or disconnection. If there is any abnormality, it must be repaired in time.