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Detailed Analysis of the Functional Inspection of the Enameled Wire I


In the future, the appearance, scale and function of a […]

In the future, the appearance, scale and function of a product must be checked to determine whether it meets the requirements of the product's technical specifications and the user's technical protocols. After measurement and experiment, compare with the product's skill specification or user's skill agreement, and it is qualified if it meets the requirements; otherwise, it is unqualified. After inspection, can reflect the stability of enamelled wire product quality and data process, so, quality inspection has the effect of inspection, prevention and identification. The examination content of enamelled wire includes: the examination measurement of appearance, scale and function test. Intermediate functions include mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical functions.

Mechanical function: including elongation, rebound angle, softness and adhesion, scraping paint, tensile strength and other items. Elongation reflects the plasticity of the data and is used to check the stringency of the enameled wire. The rebound angle, softness reflects the elastic deformation of the data: use it to check the softness of the enameled wire.

Elongation and rebound angle, the degree of softness reflects the influence of copper quality and enameled wire annealing degree on enameled wire elongation: the primary elements of rebound angle are (1) wire quality: (2) the influence of external force. The degree of annealing is related.

The resistance of the paint film includes winding and stretching, that is, the amount of tensile deformation allowed for the paint film to be deformed without stretching.

The adhesion of the paint film includes: violently breaking, peeling, and first checking the adhesion ability of the paint film to the conductor. The scratch resistance test of the enameled wire paint film reflects the strength of the paint film against mechanical scratches. Heat resistant function; including thermal shock and softening breakdown test. The thermal shock of the enameled wire is the acceptance of heat by the film of the enameled wire under the mechanical stress effect.