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Development of Different Types of Enameled Wires II


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Polyurethane Enameled Wire

Polyurethane enameled wire lacquer was developed by Bayer in Germany in 1937. Due to its direct weldability, high frequency resistance and dyeability, it is widely used in electronics and electrical appliances. At present, foreign countries pay great attention to improving the heat resistance grade of polyurethane enameled wire without affecting its direct welding performance. In Europe, the United States, and Japan, it has developed F-class and H-class polyurethane enameled wires. Due to the rapid development of color TVs, the color TV FBT developed in Japan has attracted attention from all over the world with large-length, salt-free pinhole-free polyurethane enameled wire, and is still leading Japan.

The development of domestic polyurethane enameled wire is slow. Although some ordinary polyurethane paints are produced by some factories, due to poor processability and surface quality, the paints are mainly imported. F grade polyurethane has also been developed domestically, but production capacity has not been formed. Large-length pinhole-free polyurethane paints have also been successfully developed and put on the market, mainly used to make black and white TV FBT coils.

Polyester Imide Enameled Wire

Since the heat resistance is improved by modifying the polyester with an imine, since the 1970s, the amount of polyester imide enameled wire in the world has risen sharply. In Europe and the United States, the enameled wire has completely replaced the single coated polyester enameled wire. At present, the world's representative are the German Terebe FH series products and the US Isomid series products. At the same time, it has also developed a direct-weld polyester imide enameled wire, which has been widely used as a winding for small motors, which simplifies the welding process and reduces the manufacturing cost of the motor. Some Japanese also use a direct-weld polyester imide paint as a primer for self-adhesive enameled wire for color TV deflection coils, which simplifies the process.

Domestic polyester imide paint has introduced manufacturing technology from Germany and Italy, and it has also been developed by itself. However, due to the instability of raw materials, etc., a large number of polyester imide paints used as anti-refrigerant composite enameled wire primers are still relied on. Imported. Only a small amount of single-coated polyester imide enameled wire is coated with domestic paint, but voltage instability is still a concern of the manufacturer. Straight-weld polyester imide paint has been successfully developed by cable research institute. In next article on xinyu-enamelediwre news page, we will continue the topic: Development of Different Types of Enameled Wires, welcome your visit.