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Development of Different Types of Enameled Wires III


In this article ,we will finally discuss this topic: De […]

In this article ,we will finally discuss this topic: Development of Different Types of Enameled Wires, let's begin:

Polyimide Enameled Wire

Polyimide is currently the most heat-resistant enamelled wire lacquer in organic enameled wire, and its long-term use temperature can reach above 220 °C. The paint was successfully developed by the United States in 1958. The polyimide enameled wire has high heat resistance, good solvent resistance and refrigerant resistance. However, due to its high cost, poor storage stability and toxicity, it affects its widespread use. At present, the enameled wire uses certain special occasions, such as coal mine motors, space instruments and other lines.

Polyamide Imide Paint Enameled Wire

Polyamide imide lacquer is the most comprehensive in the enamelled wire lacquer, with high heat resistance, mechanical properties, refrigerant resistance and chemical resistance. Therefore, it is the name of the king of enamelled wire lacquer. The paint is currently mainly used for its unique properties, and is widely used as a top coat for composite coated enameled wires, improving the heat resistance of the composite wire and reducing the cost. At present, it is mainly used in China to paint anti-freeze enameled wire. This paint is produced in small quantities in China, mainly imported from the United States, Italy and Germany.

Composite Coating Enameled Wire

To improve the temperature resistance grade and develop special-purpose enameled wires, generally use a composite insulation layer. Composite coated enameled wire has the following advantages compared with single coated enameled wire: (1) meets special use requirements, such as self-adhesive enameled wire for complex frameless forming, and refrigerant resistant wire for refrigerator and air conditioner compressor, etc. Structure to meet; (2) through the combination of various insulation layers to make their characteristics longer, improve and improve the performance to meet the requirements of use, such as polyester / nylon composite coated enameled wire to improve thermal shock performance and winding performance, suitable The hot dip process can be used for motor windings that are transiently overheated due to overload; (3) the cost of certain enameled wires can be reduced, such as polyester imide, polyamide-imide composite coated enameled wire instead of single coating Polyamide-imide enameled wire can greatly reduce the cost.

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