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Development Status of Magnet Wire


Enameled wire is the manufacture of electrical products […]

Enameled wire is the manufacture of electrical products in the coil or winding insulated wire, also known as winding wire. Magnet wire is widely used in electric power, electromechanical, electrical equipment, household appliances, electronics, communications and transportation fields, direct service targets are transformers, reactors, relays, electrical appliances and other products.

The global magnet wire production and consumer markets in the past mainly concentrated in North America, Japan and Western Europe. In recent years, with the downstream customers of the magnet wire relocating their factories to Asia, Central and South America and other regions, the manufacturing base of magnet wire products has been relocated to central and southern Americas, China, India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, and the relocation of manufacturing bases So that the above-mentioned countries and regions a substantial increase in the demand for magnet wire.

Affected by the large-scale power grid construction, the electromechanical industry, the home appliance-led emerging industries, the electronic information-based high-tech industries as well as the economic globalization and other factors, the electromagnet industry in China continues its rapid development. At present, our country has become the world's largest magnet wire production and sales.

China Industry Research Network released 2016-2020 China magnet wire industry status quo analysis and development trend prediction report that, although the magnet wire industry in China started late, but the market space is larger, lower labor costs, so that the magnet wire manufacturers Get rapid development. China's magnet wire manufacturers through the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, and through independent research and development to achieve technological breakthroughs, and gradually narrow the technological gap with advanced industrial countries, some of the technology products have reached the international advanced level.

As the state promotes the implementation of independent innovation projects, upgrading of domestic consumption structure and the new round of expansion of large-scale infrastructure construction, the market demand for magnet wire products for power transmission and transformation equipment will further expand; At present, China vigorously promote the development of new energy industry, will make the new energy industry with magnet wire products industry has become a new growth point.