Difference between Aluminum Wire and Copper Wire

Summary: At present, household wires on the market are mainly divided into two types: copper wire and alumin...
At present, household wires on the market are mainly divided into two types: copper wire and aluminum wire. Many decoration novices are more entangled. For the safety of household electricity, which one should be better?
1. The difference between aluminum wire and copper wire
1. The difference in color: the color of copper wire is generally purple-red, while the color of aluminum wire is gray-white.
2. The difference in resistance: The resistance of copper wire is basically lower than that of aluminum, and the conductivity of copper wire is better.
3. The difference in density: the density of copper wire is generally higher than that of aluminum wire, and copper wire is also heavier.
Second, which is better, aluminum wire or copper wire for home improvement?
1. Load power: The load power of copper wire and aluminum wire of the same cross-sectional area is generally greater than that of aluminum wire. Let's take an example: both are 2.5 square wires. If the aluminum wire can load 2500 watts, then the copper wire can also load 3000 watts.
2. Flexibility: The flexibility of copper wire is generally better, the bending is also very convenient, and it can resist fatigue. Aluminum wire is relatively easy to break when bent.
3. Stability: Aluminum wire is actually very easy to oxidize, which will increase the resistance, which reduces the load of the wire and is prone to some safety problems. But the stability of the copper core is particularly good.
4. Resistivity: The resistivity of copper wire is small, which is lower than 1.68 times than that of aluminum wire, which causes the power loss of aluminum wire to be relatively large, and the heating is more serious, which affects the utilization rate of electricity.
5. Price: The price of aluminum wire is cheaper than copper wire. The price of copper wire is generally 3.5 times that of aluminum wire, so copper wire is generally heavier than aluminum wire.
Each metal material has its own characteristics. Copper wires and aluminum wires have their own advantages and disadvantages, and their use fields are also different. Aluminum wires are more suitable for high-voltage lines. In high-voltage lines, aluminum wires have significantly higher advantages than copper wires. However, when using wires in family life, copper wires have obvious advantages over aluminum wires. Therefore, it is the right choice to understand the characteristics of metal wires, adapt measures to local conditions, use appropriate materials, and make the best use of the materials. will update more informatino about copper wire, please vist our site if you interested in our information.