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ECCA Manufacturer Become Essential Manufacturer


ECCA Manufacturer is also common in our life. ECCA wire […]

ECCA Manufacturer is also common in our life. ECCA wire has good mechanical strength, adhesion, transformer oil resistance and refrigerant resistance. ECCA wire has poor moisture resistance, low thermal softening breakdown temperature and weak durability of benzene-alcohol mixed solvents. Only a small amount of ECCA wires are used in windings of oil-immersed transformers and oil-filled motors.

ECCA wire has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, adhesion, electrical performance and solvent resistance, and its weakness is poor heat shock resistance and low moisture resistance. It is currently the largest variety in China, accounting for about 2/3, and is widely used in all kinds of motors, electrical appliances, meters, telecommunications equipment and household electrical appliances.

In the process of using ECCA wire, we should remember some matters needing attention. ECCA wire can be used as signal transmission, but as power transmission now, it is easy to cause problems, and the service life of its products will be greatly reduced. In fact, in the use of ECCA wire, attention should be paid to the oxidation protection of the lower enameled wire section to ensure the effective combination of copper and aluminum, which can be used for a long time.