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Enameled Copper Wire Supplier in China - Xinyu-enameledwire


Enameled Copper Wire Supplier in China - Xinyu-enameled […]

Enameled Copper Wire Supplier in China - Xinyu-enameledwire manufacture many kinds of types enameled wire, such as enameled copper wire, enameled aluminum wire, Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, Enameled Rectangular Copper(Aluminum) Wire and so on. We have well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable to guarantee all customers’ satisfaction.

Enameled Copper Wire:

The present trend of the appearance structure of consumer electronics is designed to be “light, thin, short and small”. Well Ascent fine and ultra fine rectangular enamelled copper wire has excellent quality and performance, it can be met the requirement of flattening, light-weight, low power consumption and high performance.

Features and Benefits:

1. Different types of enamel with very good mechanical strength and bonding properties
2. Very consistent quality and dimension tolerances per industry standards
3. Wide range of dimensions (very small to very large flat-wire cross-sections)
4. Used for the highest-temperature-class enamelled wire,

Applications of Enameled Copper Wire:

1) 120 degree flat enameled wire for oil-immersed transformer
2) 130,155,180 degree flate enameled wire are widely used in all kinds of magnet coil
3) 200 degree flat enameled wire works constantly in high temperature
4) 240 degree flat enameled wire for magnet coils of aviation,military and marine application

We already have lots of patented product design, in addition, we strive for perfection in product quality and customer service continues to expand the market all the time.