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Enameled Wire and Magnet Wire


Enameled Wire is a fundamental part of a winding in eve […]

Enameled Wire is a fundamental part of a winding in every electrical machine or apparatus. Compared to fibrous insulations, enamelled copper & aluminium wire offers a favourable space saving factor together with a high level of breakdown voltage.

The main application of Enamelled Copper Wire & Enamelled Aluminium wire is in winding of Motor and Transformers.

Advantage of Enameled wire:



Resistance to Corrosion

Magnet_wire is also called winding wire. There are a number of film insulation types ranging from temperature Class 105 to Class 240. Each film type has its own unique set of characteristics to suit specific needs of the application

Magnet wire is a daintily offended wire made of either decontaminated and completely toughened copper or aluminium. Whenever curled and invigorated by an electrical power source the wire will deliver an electromagnetic field Nearly all power should be directed through an electromagnetic field to change over starting with one type of energy then onto the next. Magnet wire can be utilized to change energy between three distinctive courses: starting with one type of electrical energy then onto the next, mechanical energy to electrical energy, and mechanical energy to electrical energy.