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Enameled Wire Introduction that from Xinyu-enameledwire


Xinyu-enameledwire is the leading distributor of enamel […]

Xinyu-enameledwire is the leading distributor of enameled copper wire and enameled aluminum Wire. Enameled Wire also known as winding wire is used in the manufacture and repair of motors, transformers, and coils.

Performance features of Enameled Wire:

Main function is that it has good winding performance when winded in a high speed so as to reduce the friction of winding and volume fraction to help the high speed winding when produce high density coil
Good pinhole and direct soldering performance, resistance to high frequency, good solvent-resistance performance
Disadvantage is that its cost is higher than polyurethane copper enameled wire

Product features of Enameled Wire:
1. Excellent the temperature of heat-resistance
2. Good insulation effect
3. Long service time
4. Lightweight, can save costs

Applications of Enameled Wire:
1, For regular electrical machines and apparatus
2, Relays, micro-motors, mini-transformers, ignition coils, water valves
3, Magnetic heads, coils for telecommunication equipment

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