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Enameled Wire Manfacturer Xinyu (Excellent Service)


Xinyu-enameledwire is specialized in manufacturing of E […]

Xinyu-enameledwire is specialized in manufacturing of Enameled Wire for many years. We can product Enameled Copper Wire and enameled aluminum wire. High skilled staffs and technical engineers have been dedicated to enameled wire techniques since our company was founded.

Properties of Xinyu Enameled Wire

Enameled wires have excellent resistance to heat. That's why they are used in making electric coils.

They are also resistant to heat shock.

They are also resistant to wearing and tearing.

They offer especially magnificent resistance to refrigerant materials.

They are smooth, hard, and durable.

They are chemically resistant, and cannot burn.

Main Applications of Xinyu Enameled Wire:

Small transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock coils, watch coils, magnetic heads.

Automotive sensors and coils as relais and ignition coils.

Generators, dry-type or oil-immersed

Anti-explosion motor, air-conditioner compressor, washing machines.

Military and space applications

Xinyu-enameledwire offer good after-sale service, many yeras production experience, perfect set of test equipment, fast and on-time delivery, so we own more and more customers.

We are keen on building long-term solid relationship with all serious buyers, with sincerity, we welcome you to visit our site xinyu-enameledwire and patrons.