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Enameled Wire Manufacturers: Eco-friendly Enameled Wire Stripper Formulations


The formula analysis of eco-friendly enameled wire pain […]

The formula analysis of eco-friendly enameled wire paint remover contains a bit of shortening project development time, saving project funds, and significantly improving project quality. This analysis can make the project occupy the unique industry in the same company, thus creating a special benchmark for the project, so that the production company will always stand in the same industry.

The environmental protection enameled wire paint remover formula is restored through high-tech instruments such as ultraviolet spectrophotometer, ion chromatograph, elemental analysis instrument and so on. Through superior analytical team, complete experimental equipment, and step-by-step inspection procedures. Can significantly improve the quality of detection, more authoritative guarantee of project quality, can save production crisis and technical funding.

Micro-spectroscopy is one of the leading domestic testing and testing institutions. It contains the most powerful technical expert technical support department, the most complete experimental operating room, and the latest testing and testing equipment. Environmental protection enameled wire paint remover formula ingredient detection to find micro-spectrum technology, save time. The largest, most abundant and first-class testing and testing institution in China---Microspectroscopic technology.

Green paint remover is a kind of liquid that is composed of aromatic compound and aromatic compound sample. Its ability to dissolve paint film is strong. Green paint remover is fast and high quality. Release coating type category. Wide, suitable for alkyd, alkyd, polyurea rubber vinyl, epoxy, polyurethane, epoxy and other paints, external wall paint, powder smear, skin fading. Compared with overseas projects of the same type, paint stripping efficiency is the same, paint stripping speed is fast, non-corrosive and avoids a lot of time.

Environmental protection enameled wire paint remover project performance: pass at room temperature, reduce energy and environmental protection. Easy to operate, well managed. Can be soaked and brushed. Spraying, painting, baking paint base paints, paint base paints, acid paints and acid paints are all suitable. The components of the paint remover for environmental protection enameled wire consist of solvents such as alcohols, alcohols, esters and benzene.