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Enameled Wire VS Painted Copper Wire


Painted copper wire is a new product, widely used in th […]

Painted copper wire is a new product, widely used in the handicraft industry. Due to the softness of copper wire, various exquisite handicrafts can be made. After the surface is painted, the original style of the handicraft and the original copper are broken. The limitations of the line.

The Enameled Wire is a copper wire (or conductor). The varnish water is coated on the surface of the copper wire through the treatment. Since the varnish water has the function of insulation, the copper wire is wound into a coil and can be used for electromagnetic induction. Applications such as: motors, transformers, etc.

The enameled wire is coated with one or more layers of insulating paint on the surface of high-purity, high-conductivity conductors. Depending on the coating and film thickness, each has its own characteristics and uses. The main applications are for motors, electronic products, and component coils.

1: Toughness: The copper wire of the paint is soft, the enameled wire is a copper wire or conductor, and there is no soft copper wire.

2: Applictions: Painted copper wire is used to make exquisite handicrafts, used in various applications of enameled wire electromagnetic induction.

3: Appearance: The limitation of the original copper wire that the color breaks through after the surface of the painted copper wire is treated with baking paint

In fact, Enameled aluminum wire may also be a good choice.