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Felt Painting Method for Enameled Wire Have Something to Notice


The use of felt painting should also pay attention to t […]

The use of felt painting should also pay attention to the followings. Felt and paint should have a good match. In the case of constant paint, the amount of paint can be controlled by adjusting the number of revolutions of the paint roller. The position of the felt and the splint and the wire shall be arranged such that the forming die hole and the wire are leveled to keep the felt evenly around the wire. The horizontal position of the horizontal enamelling machine guide roller should be lower than the top of the roller. The height of the roller roller and the top of the felt sandwich must be on the same horizontal line. In order to ensure the film thickness and smoothness of the enameled wire, a small cycle for painting should be adopted. The paint should be pumped into the large paint box. The circulating paint should be drawn from the large paint box into the small paint tank. With the paint consumption, the paint inside the paint box will continue to The lacquer tank is replenished to maintain uniform viscosity and solids content in the paint booth.

6) After being used for a period of time, the lacquer felt will be blocked by the copper powder on the copper wire or other impurities in the paint after a period of time. Breaking in production, sticking or joints will also make the felt even and soft surface scratched and damaged. , The wire is damaged by friction with the felt for a long time. The radiation at the mouth of the furnace makes the felt hard, so it needs to be replaced regularly.

7) Felt painting has its inevitable shortcomings. Frequent replacement of man-hours, low utilization, increased waste, a large amount of felt loss; line and line between the film thickness is not easy to achieve the same; easily lead to film eccentricity; speed is limited. The friction caused by the relative movement of the wire and the felt when the wire speed is too high will cause the heat to change the viscosity of the paint and even burn the felt; the improper operation will bring the felt into the furnace and cause a fire accident; the paint film of the wire felt yarns have a negative impact on high temperature enameled wire; high viscosity paints cannot be used and the cost increases.