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Felt Painting Method Is Not Suitable for Enameled Wire


Felt Painting Method Is Not Suitable for Enameled Wire […]

Felt Painting Method Is Not Suitable for Enameled Wire Paint with Excessive Viscosity. The distance between the felt fixture and the oven inlet. Felt painting method is not suitable for enamelled wire lacquers where the solvent volatilizes too quickly or is too viscous. Consider the combined force between the leveling and gravity after painting, the drape and the gravity of the paint liquid during the line travel, the distance between the felt and the paint cylinder (horizontal machine) is 50-80mm, and the distance between the felt and the furnace mouth 200-250mm is appropriate.

Specifications of the felt. When the rough specification is applied, the felt is required to be wide, thick, soft, elastic, and has many capillary holes. The felt is easy to form a relatively large die hole in the painting, and the amount of paint is large, and the paint is fast. When applying fine lines, it is required to be narrow, thin, fine, and small in capillary pores. The felt can be wrapped with cotton cloth or sweatshirt to form a fine and soft surface, so that the amount of paint is small and uniform.

The quality of the felt. Painting requires the use of fine, long-quality wool felts (foreign countries have begun to use all-synthetic fibers with excellent heat resistance and wear resistance instead of wool felt). The fat content is less than 0.5%, the pH is pH=7, flat, and the thickness is uniform.

Requirements for felt splints. The splint must be finely machined, not rusted, and maintain a flat contact surface with the felt, which cannot be bent or deformed. Depending on the diameter of the wire, prepare splints of different weights, and try to control the tightness of the felt by the self-gravity of the splint, and avoid pressing with elastic screws or springs. The method of self-gravity pressing enables the paint layers of the individual wires to be fairly uniform.

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