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First Payed Off of Enamelled Wire


In a normal operation of the enamelled wire charter, th […]

In a normal operation of the enamelled wire charter, the operator's energy and physical strength are mostly consumed in the pay-off part of the exchange of pay-off disk so that the operator to pay a lot of labor, when changing the line prone to quality problems and operational problems. The effective method is high-capacity pay-off.

The key is to put the line tension control, tension is not only thin conductor, so that the loss of light wire surface, but also affect the performance of a number of enamelled wire. From the appearance point of view, being thinned wire, painted enamelled wire luster less shiny; from the performance point of view, enamelled wire elongation, resilience, flexibility, thermal shock are affected. Tension line is too small, easy to beat the line and line, line touch furnace mouth. When the line is most afraid of half a circle of tension, half a circle of tension is small, so that not only make the enamelled wire loose, tie off, some for a period of thinning, but also cause the beater inside the big beats, resulting in and line, touch line failure. Tension should be uniform, appropriate.

Large-size high-capacity spool generally radial rotary pay-off device; medium-sized general use of wire or brush-type lead-off device; fine-format wire generally brush or double-cone set of pay-off.