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  • ECCA Manufacturer Introduces Requirements for Annealing Process

    Annealing of enameled copper clad aluminum wire is the same as that of copper wire, eliminating cold work hardening phenomenon after drawing, and softening twisted crystal lattice by recrystallization to restore regular arrangement. The following ECCA Manufacturer will specifically introduce its ent...

  • Preventing Corrosion of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Is Key

    In order to avoid electrochemical corrosion of the end of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, the best way is to isolate the end from the atmosphere. At present, there are mainly two ways to solve this problem: 1. Electroplating: Plating a layer of copper on the butt joint of enameled copper clad al...

  • The Future Market Situation of ECCA Wire

    In view of the continuous improvement of the living standards of the domestic groups, the ECCA Wire industry has made great progress, thus activating the demand of the ECCA wire industry. At present, the domestic ECCA wire industry is very large, involving a wide range of industries, ranging from ho...

  • Why Copper Winding Wire is Widely Used

    I believe many people around us are familiar with Copper Winding Wire because many places around us need to use copper winding wire now, and certainly many will ask, why do we use copper instead of other metal products? This also depends on the advantages of using copper winding wire. Next, let's ha...

  • Analysis of Why Varnish Wire Generates Heat

    What is the cause of the heat generated by Varnish Wire in use, and how can we reduce the heat generated by these varnish wire and use them more safely? Varnish wire will heat up when passing through a certain load current. With the increase of load current, the surface temperature of the wire will ...