Analysis of Why Varnish Wire Generates Heat

Summary:What is the cause of the heat generated by Varnish Wire in use, and how can we reduce the heat gener...

What is the cause of the heat generated by Varnish Wire in use, and how can we reduce the heat generated by these varnish wire and use them more safely?

Varnish wire will heat up when passing through a certain load current. With the increase of load current, the surface temperature of the wire will be higher. If it is not handled in time, the consequences can be imagined. The conductor resistance of the electric wire does not meet the requirements, causing the electric wire to generate heat during operation. Improper wire selection causes the conductor section of the used wire to be too small, resulting in overload phenomenon during operation. After long-term use, the heating and heat dissipation imbalance of varnish wire causes the heating phenomenon. The wires are arranged too densely during installation, the ventilation and heat dissipation effects are not good, or the wires are too close to other heat sources, which affects the normal heat dissipation of the wires and may also cause the wires to generate heat during operation. Joint manufacturing technology is not good, crimping is not tight, resulting in excessive contact resistance at the joint, which will also lead to wire heating. Varnish wire interphase insulation performance is not good, resulting in low insulation resistance and heat generation during operation.

In a word, when you use varnish wire, you must do a good job of protecting them. After all, the safety of electrical appliances is very important. It not only affects the use effect of the entire electrical appliances but also causes some hidden dangers to the safety of users. I hope you can pay attention to these matters when using electrical appliances.