Characteristics and Application Fields of Aluminum Winding Wire

Summary:Aluminum Winding Wire is a new type of electromagnetic wire using aluminum material as inner conduct...

Aluminum Winding Wire is a new type of electromagnetic wire using aluminum material as inner conductor. Its characteristics are between aluminum and enameled wire. It combines the advantages of excellent conductivity of enameled wire and light weight of aluminum.

Characteristics of aluminum winding wire:

1. DC resistivity: the DC resistivity of aluminum winding wire is about 1.45 times that of pure copper wire; When the resistance values are the same, the weight of aluminum winding wire is about 1/2 of that of pure copper wire.

2. Good solderability: Aluminum winding wire has the same solderability as pure copper wire because its surface is concentrically coated with a layer of pure copper, without special treatment like aluminum wire; At the same time, the aluminum winding wire has a thicker copper layer to ensure that the soldering performance of the product will not be affected when scraping paint.

3. Light weight: the wire density of aluminum winding is 1/2.5 of that of pure copper wire with the same wire diameter, which is very effective for reducing the weight of coil. Using copper-clad aluminum wire instead of copper wire can save at least more than 30% of the cost.

The existing application fields of aluminum winding wire are: 1. high frequency transformers and common transformers; 2, inductance, electromagnetic coil; 3. Motors, including household motors, various micro motors, compressors and other motors with higher environmental requirements; 4. Special electromagnetic wires for audio coils and optical drives; 5. Electromagnetic wire for deflection coil of display; 6. Electromagnetic wire for degaussing coil.