ECCA Manufacturer Can Fully Meet Signal Transmission Requirements

Summary: ECCA wire is formed by concentrically coating a copper layer on the surface of aluminum or aluminum...

ECCA wire is formed by concentrically coating a copper layer on the surface of aluminum or aluminum/steel alloy core material and drawing, and the thickness of the copper layer is more than 0.55 mm. Due to the skin effect of high-frequency signal transmission on the conductor, cable TV signal is transmitted on the surface of copper layer over 0.008mm, ECCA Manufacturer can fully meet the signal transmission requirements, and it's signal transmission characteristics are consistent with those of copper body with the same diameter.

The pure copper conductor has higher strength and elongation than ECCA wire, which means pure copper is better than ECCA wire in mechanical properties. From the point of view of cable design, pure copper wire has better mechanical strength than ECCA wire, which is not necessarily required in practical application. ECCA wires are much lighter than pure copper, so the overall weight of ECCA wires is lighter than pure copper conductor cables, which will bring convenience to cable transportation and cable erection. In addition, copper-clad aluminum is softer than pure copper, and cables made from ECCA wires are better in flexibility than pure copper cables.

ECCA wire is sold by weight, and pure copper wire is also sold by weight. the price of ECCA wire is higher than that of pure copper wire with the same weight. However, ECCA wires of the same weight are much longer than pure copper wires, and cables are calculated by length. ECCA wires with the same weight are 2.5 times the length of copper wires, and the price is only a few hundred yuan per ton. Taken together, ECCA wires have great advantages.

Generally speaking, the overall performance of practical ECCA wire is better than that of pure copper wire, which will save the cost of users. ECCA wire is also a good way to relieve the pressure of current enterprises in the wire and cable industry.

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