ECCA Wire Gradually Permeates People's Daily Life

Summary:With the continuous development of ECCA Wire technology, ECCA wire has gradually penetrated into peo...

With the continuous development of ECCA Wire technology, ECCA wire has gradually penetrated into people's daily life.

Tourmaline is a common product in our life because its appearance greatly facilitates our life. In order to use electrical appliances in normal use, it needs the help of wires. As a necessity in our life, electric wires have great influence. The electric wire is important equipment for power transmission and the development of electric wire. We have all kinds of wire equipment, and the upgrade of wire is also very fast. Copper and aluminum are one of the more common wires, and its usage is very large. We will introduce how to distinguish the quality of copper and aluminum wires.

ECCA wire refers to a copper wire with aluminum core as the main body and a certain proportion plated outside. The main function of such wires is to transmit signals and can be used as coaxial cable conductors and electrical equipment in wires and cable conductors, such as home audio connections. However, since the conductivity of aluminum is only 2/3 of that of copper, once wires are used, the temperature of the wires will rise, which brings certain safety risks. It is more dangerous to use it in underground engineering and closed engineering. Therefore, the national standard stipulates that any wire and cable used to transmit electric energy must be made of copper wire, without metal or metal plating, and aluminum wire including copper foil and aluminum wire must be prohibited.

As a conductor material, aluminum has many advantages, but it also has its inherent disadvantages: easy oxidation, high contact resistance, inability to weld with solder, easy corrosion, resulting in aluminum gradually replacing copper.