Enameled Wire Brings More Convenience to People’s Life

Summary:A method and apparatus are provided for painting a copper flat wire turbine system into a mold. The ...

A method and apparatus are provided for painting a copper flat wire turbine system into a mold. The amount of liquid coating applied to the finishing die is determined by the size of the pores. Each time so much paint design can be selected by the best size, plus the wear resistance of the mold material, so that the size of the die size is a large constant. The resulting total film thickness dispersion is small, providing a reliable guarantee for the film to meet performance requirements. Special mold paint, felt completely eliminates the risk of paint knotting. Such enameled wire can be continuously produced.

The surface of the enameled wire has high surface finish and no knotting. Continuous production is several meters long, heavy weight, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Good; tensile strength, flexibility and adhesion meet the requirements of wind turbine enameled wire. Although the water cooling effect will be better, it will affect the quality of the Enameled Wire, make the film contain moisture, and reduce the scratch resistance and solvent resistance of the film. It should not be used.

The purpose of collecting and arranging the wires is to continuously, tightly and evenly wind the enameled wire on the spool. The wire take-up mechanism is required to have stable transmission, low noise, moderate tension and neat wire. In the quality of the enameled wire, due to poor collection and wiring, the proportion of return is very large, mainly the line tension, the wire diameter is thin or the coil bursts; the wire tension is small, the looseness of the wire on the board causes confusion, and the uneven line causes confusion. Although most of these problems are caused by improper operation, it is also necessary to take necessary measures to bring convenience to operators.