Enameled Wire Industry Needs Supervision

Summary:     For a long time, the domestic enameled wire industry market is chaotic, uneven, disorderly and ...


  For a long time, the domestic enameled wire industry market is chaotic, uneven, disorderly and irrational competition, which seriously affects the healthy development of the entire enameled wire industry and seriously affects the safety of infrastructure construction and the safety of people's lives and property. These have caused great concern from the AQSIQ. It is reported that this year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine will conduct research on the national wire and cable industry and formulate measures for comprehensive rectification.

  In order to make fair and orderly and reasonable competition and development in the wire and cable industry, these undesirable phenomena must be eliminated. The quality supervision department should strengthen the supervision of the cable manufacturing enterprises, supervise and check whether the cable products in the market meet the national standards, strictly check whether the actual supply is consistent with the design requirements, and find one investigation and expose it through the media.

  The quality supervision department has selected the integrity cable manufacturing enterprises in the country. According to the scale of enterprises, technology level, service capacity, etc., select 20-30 integrity cable manufacturing enterprises from the current national cable manufacturing enterprises, and reserve at least 2-3 in each province or adjacent provinces.

  The quality inspection department establishes a blacklist punishment system, requires the chairman and legal representative of each integrity cable manufacturing enterprise to attend the meeting, sign a guarantee, guarantee no loss, a lot of meters in the future, guarantee the quality of the product, and if it has problems, it will be included in the procurement. Blacklist, cancel the integrity of corporate qualifications.

  The cable purchaser is called to abandon the bidding strategy of the "lowest price winning bid". Since the cable products are all national standard products, the product structure, size, weight and material cost are uniform and transparent. It is recommended to use the quotation cost analysis plan in the bidding activities. The cost, management fees, tax expenses, and reasonable profits are open and transparent. The industry sets the corresponding cable sales guidance price, and the bidding party evaluates the bid price. Xinyu always keeps the principle of quality as first, and we provide our customer quality Enameled Wire.