Energy Saving and Production Efficiency in Enameled Wire Industry

Summary:     The preparation and processing of materials is one of the important factors determining the per...


  The preparation and processing of materials is one of the important factors determining the performance of the materials, and is also an important part of materials science and engineering. In recent years, the development of high-tech has become more and more demanding on the performance of materials. Therefore, the technical approach of “three highs and two lows” is realized, the traditional production process is shortened, the process links are simplified, and the short process and new process are developed. The key research and development direction of preparation and processing.

  This is in line with the requirements of energy saving and production efficiency in enameled wire industry is necessary, and contributes to the development of new preparation and forming technologies, such as 3D printing; the development of advanced preparation and processing technologies, such as intelligent preparation and processing technology, to achieve tissue performance and configuration. Precise control throughout the process to improve the performance of traditional materials and develop high value-added products.

  In the whole process of casting, processing and heat treatment, the interaction and genetic evolution of the metal "solidification-deformation-phase transformation-tissue property-process" are carried out, and coordinated and precise control is implemented to develop new processing technology and realize metal materials/components. The high performance, the short process of the traditional processing technology, and the processability of the brittle and difficult-to-machine materials are important development trends.

  The development of Copper Winding Wire composite materials cannot be separated from advanced technology support. Bimetal rolling tends to produce high tensile stress at the edges, resulting in rolling edge cracking defects. Taking the new direct-composite technology of copper-aluminum composite continuous casting as an example, it developed special hole rolling and forced lubrication drawing technology for the characteristics of large difference in copper and aluminum performance, which broke through the problem of bimetallic coordination deformation; Copper-aluminum composite rolling process - drawing process and complete equipment.