Environmental Protection Work for Enameled Wire Production

Summary:     Generally, the winding method of enameled wire mainly has all overlapping wrapping and all the ...


  Generally, the winding method of enameled wire mainly has all overlapping wrapping and all the gap wrapping; usually, the innermost two layers are overlapped and wrapped, and the remaining layers are wrapped around the gap. During the production of the enameled wire, the polycondensation of the paint and the evaporation of the solvent are carried out simultaneously, and the amount of solvent evaporates to bring out odor and air pollution.

  Enameled wire is a combination of a certain number of enameled wire into two rows in which the wide faces are in contact with each other, and the same steering is transposed along the narrow faces above and below the two rows of enamelled flat wires as required, and then the electrician is used. Insulating paper and rope or tape for continuous winding of winding wires.

  At present, as production growth has become more and more concerned by residents and environmental protection departments, it has also become a topic facing enterprises. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection have become hot topics in the enameled wire industry.

  At present, energy conservation and consumption reduction has become a key task of the Chinese government. According to the plan, the energy consumption per unit of GDP during the 11th Five-Year Plan period will be reduced by 20% and pollutant emissions will be reduced by 10%. Under the requirements of the big environment, the enameled wire industry should also pay great attention to solve the problem of high temperature exhaust gas pollution.

  The quality characteristics of various enameled wires are different, but they all have four properties: mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties. Enameled wire is the main and key raw material for electromagnetic winding of electric motor, electric appliance and household appliance, telecommunication and electronic instrument. It consists of two parts: conductor and insulation layer. After bare wire is annealed and softened, it is baked and baked. With the rapid development of industrial electrical appliances, household appliances, telecommunications, electronic products, etc., it has brought a wide range of application fields and markets to the ECCA Manufacturer.