How to Buy High-Quality ECCA Wire

Summary:From the perspective of cable planning, the benefits of ECCA Wire are very optimistic in the actual ...

From the perspective of cable planning, the benefits of ECCA Wire are very optimistic in the actual application process. ECCA wire is light in weight, which will bring great convenience to the transportation and erection of cables. In addition, the cable made of copper-clad aluminum enameled wire has better flexibility than other cables. Then let's talk about how to buy ECCA wire:

(1) First of all, the most urgent thing is that the material of the product must be checked during the purchase of ECCA wire. How to distinguish the material of ECCA thread? For example, whether the insulation and sheath are elastic, whether there are burrs or protrusions in appearance, and whether the surface should be smooth, round and uniform in color and luster; Whether the copper-aluminum core can meet the requirements shall be tested for conductor resistance when conditions permit.
(2) When initiating the purchase of famous brand products of the ECCA wire, the quality control of the products of the ECCA wire itself should be stricter, and the wind-induced characteristics of the products should be guaranteed.
(3) Identification of ultra-fine ECCA wire products. When purchasing ECCA wire products, it should be observed whether relevant information such as product type, specification, rated voltage, number of cores, date of production, implementation scale, license number, etc. are marked completely. The physical appearance of the product should be printed with continuous signs of the factory name, product type, and rated voltage. It should be verified whether the relevant information of the two is uniform.
(4) The length of too thin ECCA wire. There is a length mark on the certificate of approval. You can first estimate the length of one coil of wire in the finished product package and then count the number of coils of wire coil to see if the length of the wire is "short of weight and short of two".
(5) When selecting ECCA wire products, professional electricians with experience should be consulted to accept wires with section size and voltage grade according to their own power consumption load.