How to Deal with Heating of Aluminum Magnet Wire

Summary:Due to various reasons, the temperature of the Aluminum Magnet Wire will slowly rise and then become...

Due to various reasons, the temperature of the Aluminum Magnet Wire will slowly rise and then become hot in the application process. If cooling measures are not taken in time, the aluminum magnet wire will probably be burnt out. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause when the aluminum magnet wire is hot, and then find ways to reduce the temperature to prevent the aluminum magnet wire from being burned down. Let's talk briefly about the causes and solutions of the heating of aluminum magnet wires.

If it is a DC electromagnet, to reduce the temperature of the energized coil, the energy it consumes in the resistor needs to be converted into heat to reduce the temperature in the conductor.

If it is an AC electromagnet, its coil temperature rises not only due to the influence of its own resistance but also due to the temperature rise of the iron core. If there is induced current in the iron core of the AC magnetic field, some of the electric energy will be lost and the temperature of the iron core will rise accordingly. The induction cooker uses this principle to increase temperature. Since the coil is wound on the iron core, the temperature of the coil will decrease after the heat is transferred to the coil. In order to amplify the induced current loss in the iron core, the AC electromagnet is similar to the transformer, and it is better to use the silicon steel sheet which can play an insulating role in each other as the iron core and to amplify the loss, the temperature of the coil can be reduced.

However, if the electromagnet is always in an energized state and its temperature only rises to about 40 degrees, this phenomenon is normal, don't worry.