How to Distinguish Good and Bad Enameled Wires II

Summary:     bundle wire: multi-strand Copper Winding Wire will be bundled at the time of production to impr...


  bundle wire: multi-strand Copper Winding Wire will be bundled at the time of production to improve the tensile strength, roundness, electrical function and tightness of the copper core, but the wire will increase the amount of copper used. Therefore, many factories have omitted this process. The method of splitting is to cut through the core of the cable and see if the copper wires inside are regularly twisted together.

  Weaving: The cable with the copper mesh woven layer, the woven layer accounts for a large part of the cable material cost, and the coverage of the woven layer directly affects the electrical function of the cable. Together, the tight woven layer can increase the strength of the cable. Reduce the electrical function of the cable in the bent state. Therefore, it is important to see whether the woven layer has a high coverage rate and a uniform and fine weaving.

  Some cables require foaming of the insulating layer to enhance its electrical function. The foaming mainly consists of chemical foaming and physical foaming. The chemical does not require special production equipment, so the price is low, but the bubble size is different. , electrical function is poor. Physical foaming requires expensive production equipment, but the bubbles that occur are even and fine. Under the bent state, the attenuation is small and has good electrical functions. It is possible to cut through such a cable core and investigate whether its foamed layer is uniform and fine.

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