How to Improve Conduction Quality of Enameled Wire

Summary:Enameled Wire is the main raw material for motors and household appliances. Especially in recent yea...

Enameled Wire is the main raw material for motors and household appliances. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of the power industry and the rapid development of household appliances have brought a wide range of applications to the enameled wire, and also put forward higher requirements for the enameled wire. Enameled wire is widely produced in household appliances and instruments. First of all, the insulation layer on the conductive cable should be stripped so as to process the cable in the next step. Traditional stripping techniques include mechanical stripping, chemical stripping, and hot stamping stripping. However, each method has related problems, such as conductor damage. The processing speed is slow; Low precision; Poor quality. It is well known that manual and semi-automatic mechanical, chemical or hot stamping demolding is difficult to ensure demolding quality.

  However, in the strict manufacturing application field, a nondestructive, high precision and high-speed wire stripping technology are needed. The traditional stripping method has its own defects. With the development of science and technology, as a famous laser equipment manufacturer in China, the innovative laser has made unremitting efforts to explore and develop laser stripper. Laser wire stripping machine uses laser wire stripping insulation, which is a new application of laser in material processing. It has the advantages of fast stripping line speed, high precision, accurate control of stripping process and the like, and can selectively completely strip the nonmetallic insulating layer without contacting the metal conductor due to light energy.