How To Judge The Quality Of Ecca Wire

Summary:There are many ECCA Wire manufacturers, but each manufacturer uses different equipment and processin...

There are many ECCA Wire manufacturers, but each manufacturer uses different equipment and processing technology, so the quality of the final products will vary greatly. As consumers, we not only pay attention to the price of such products but also hope to buy products with better quality, so as to ensure that the later use will not be affected and the service life can be prolonged. In addition, a large number of ECCA wires are required for general construction, so we must make sure how to judge the quality of such products.

Direct understanding of ECCA wire quality. Although it is also very convenient to wholesale ECCA wires through the network now, and many manufacturers will also provide us with basic types of products, the quotation is not particularly high. But if we can directly see the real things, of course we can also know how the quality of the products is. Many brand manufacturers also have their own physical stores, or we plan to cooperate with each other for a long time, or we can directly make an appointment with each other's manufacturers to determine the quality of specific products, which is also conducive to us to choose by comparing the quality.

Understanding of ECCA wire parameters. How about the quality of ECCA wire, we must still have some knowledge of the processing parameters of its products. On the one hand, we must first look at the thickness of the copper layer, on the other hand, we must also look at the bonding strength and so on. The thickness of the copper layer is generally between 3.63 and 3.94, and the thickness is of good quality. However, in terms of bonding strength, the problem of whether copper and aluminum will delaminate still needs to be solved.