How to Judge the Quality of Enameled Wire

Summary:     The quality of copper enameled wire, although it depends to a large extent on the quality of ra...


  The quality of copper enameled wire, although it depends to a large extent on the quality of raw materials such as paint, wire and the objective conditions of machinery and equipment, but if you do not seriously deal with a series of problems such as baking, annealing, speed, etc. If you do not master the operation technology, do not do a good work in the tour work and parking finishing work, do not do a good work in process hygiene, even if the objective conditions are good, you can not produce high quality Aluminum Magnet Wire. Therefore, the decisive factor for making the enameled wire is the person, who is responsible for the work.

  The catalytic combustion hot air circulation enamelling machine should first open the fan before driving, so that the air in the furnace circulates slowly. The furnace and the catalytic zone are preheated by electroheating so that the temperature of the catalytic zone reaches the light-off temperature of the specified catalyst. In the enameled wire production operation, the enameled wire should also pay attention to the problem of explosion and fire. There are several types of fires. First, the entire furnace is fully fired, often due to excessive vapor density or excessive furnace temperature in the cross section of the furnace.

  Due to the excessive amount of paint applied to several lines during threading, several lines were caused to catch fire. To prevent fire, we must first strictly control the temperature of the process furnace. Second, we must make the furnace ventilate smoothly. Finishing after parking The finishing work after parking mainly refers to cleaning the old glue of the furnace mouth, cleaning the paint cylinder and the guide wheel, and doing the enamel machine and the surrounding environmental sanitation work. In order to keep the paint tank clean, if you do not drive immediately, you should cover the paint tank with paper to avoid the introduction of unclean materials.