How to Self-check Aluminum Winding Wire

Summary:In factories, Aluminum Winding Wire are common to us. In order to improve the use quality of aluminu...

In factories, Aluminum Winding Wire are common to us. In order to improve the use quality of aluminum winding wires, prevent and reduce the occurrence of unqualified products, the unqualified factors are solved in the production process, and operators are especially encouraged to carry out self-inspection: the so-called self-inspection refers to the quality inspection of aluminum winding wires (finished products, semi-finished products, in-process products) such as size, wire arrangement, surface, etc. by operators according to process regulations. First article inspection; On the upper plate; Changing specifications: changing moulds and raw materials; The specification of aluminum winding wire shall be taken into account during process adjustment. Dimensions: check the surface and cable. For example, wire drawing is replaced by mould; First of all, you should confirm the rationality of the mould and try to pull it after wearing it. Check whether the size meets the specified requirements and whether the surface is bright and clean; Check again after a period of time; When the enameled wire operator is at the joint; First, measure the size of bare wires. Whether the surface is smooth or not; Whether there are any defects and whether the cable is in good condition.

Work-in-process, semi-finished products and aluminum winding wires handed in from the previous shift shall be inspected. Those that pass the inspection shall be accepted, while those that fail shall be rejected.

Completion inspection: After the aluminum winding wire is manufactured, each coil shall be inspected for size, surface, flat cable and label. Some tests are also simulated to make the preliminary judgment, such as small-sized ones, grasping a thread with both hands, pulling it off with force, and touching the thread with hands to see if the surface is hairy. Such as hair shows that the film elasticity of this thread is not good, the large-size thread is folded in half, whether the bend is cracked, etc.

At present, the domestic market is under great pressure of competition. In order to succeed in the aluminum winding wire market, it is necessary to do a good job of product self-inspection, so as to set a reasonable price for aluminum winding wire and win a place in the fierce competition in the industry. Success.