Introduce The Fire Prevention Technology of Varnish Wire

Summary:Wire and cable are often seen in our lives, so everyone must know that the outer surface of the wire...

Wire and cable are often seen in our lives, so everyone must know that the outer surface of the wire and cable has many characteristics, such as heat insulation, flame retardant, etc., so many areas will use it, then Everyone may have some doubts about the fire protection technology of these cables. Today we have found a case for everyone, that is, the fireproof technology of Varnish Wire. I hope everyone can like the fire prevention technology of varnish wire that we introduced for you. Let's come together. Take a look, take a look.

The fire-retardant coating of varnish wire has the characteristics of the thin coating, no influence on normal heat dissipation, and excellent anti-flammable flame retardant results, but also has many defects. The precautionary test for enhancing the varnish wire shall prevent the varnish wire fire door from being in a normally closed state, using a fireproof baffle, completely sealing the cable, and filling the cracks of the cable trench cover to block the ventilation and heat dissipation of the cable. Moreover, the cable is completely blocked, and the normal inspection of the cable is not obvious, and the cable can not be invaded in real-time. Creating a fine operating environment to prevent varnish wire insulation from accelerating aging and damage to power cables is a tight component of power plants and substations to maintain the normal operation. The wideness of cables in power plants, substations, the flammability of cables, the stringency of cable fires, and the tension of cable fires have made the fire protection of cables highly valued by power, fire-fighting agencies, and scientific research institutions.