Introduction of Paint Removal Methods for Aluminum Winding Wire

Summary:In general, when we weld Aluminum Winding Wire, we often need to paint them off (except for a few). ...

In general, when we weld Aluminum Winding Wire, we often need to paint them off (except for a few). At present, there are many methods of painting off in actual use, but different methods are needed in different situations.

At present, the common methods of paint removal for aluminum winding wire are as follows: 1. It can be scraped with a blade; 2. The paint can also be ground off with a grinding wheel. 3. Centrifugal knives can be used for stripping; 4. It is also possible to use paint remover.

The blade scraping method for aluminum winding wire is more traditional and has no technical content. We use special tools to cause less damage to the surface of aluminum winding wires. Without passing through high temperature, the aluminum surface will not form oxide film and the wires will not become brittle. However, the efficiency is low, and it is only suitable for paint removal of large wires, not for wires with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm.

The second is the centrifugal cutter, which directly peels the paint off the aluminum winding wire through three high-speed rotating cutters, with relatively good efficiency. However, this method of paint removal is similar to manual scraping and is only applicable to paint removal of large wires.

There is also the aluminum winding wire grinding wheel method. If the wire used is relatively thick, this method can be selected. If the wire is thin, it is still not the preferred method.

Another is paint remover, which does little harm to the aluminum of aluminum winding wire, but it is basically useless for high-temperature wires, so it is not suitable for high-temperature wires.

The above are some commonly used paint removal methods for aluminum winding wire, but different methods have different application ranges.