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  • ECCA Wire Features And Application Scope

      The new type of enameled wire using copper clad aluminum as the inner conductor has characteristics between copper and aluminum, combining the excellent conductivity of copper and the light weight of aluminum. In recent years, the important position and role of the enameled wire industry in t

  • What Is Enamelled Wire?

      If people who often deal with electrical equipment must often hear about enamelled wire, but there are still many people in life who don’t know what enamelled wire is, then what is enamelled wire? Next, we will talk about enamelled wire for everyone.   enamelled wire is the general term

  • How To Measure The Diameter Of Enameled Copper Wire

    Enameled Copper Wire is a kind of cable. The specifications of enameled copper wire are expressed by the diameter of bare copper wire (unit is mm). The measurement of enameled copper wire specification is actually the measurement of the diameter of bare copper wire, which is generally used for micro

  • Comparison between ECCA Wire and Pure Copper Wire

    ECCA Wire refers to a wire with aluminum core wire instead of copper as the main body of the wire and a certain proportion of copper layer on the outside. ECCA wires can be basically divided into two types according to their applications: one is copper clad aluminum wires for signal or communication

  • Popularize the Development History of Enameled Wire for You

    Today, let's introduce to you what the early Enameled Wire looked like. And its slow evolution. Early use of cotton yarn and silk, known as yarn and silk wrap, was used in electrical machines and appliances. Due to the large insulation thickness and low heat resistance, most of them have been replac