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  • Pressure Resistance of Enameled Wire

    The automotive industry often requires enameled paint films to be thin but with high pressure resistance, taking the 0.71 m m Q(ZY/XY)-2/200 Enameled wire as an example. The pressure resistance of the enameled wire has a direct relationship with the film thickness. In general, for every 0.001 m of f...

  • The Relationship Between Enameled Wire and Insulating Varnish

    The development and changes of electrical and electronic products make enameled wire users not satisfied with the use of enameled wire that meets the existing national standard. They often put higher and more requirements on the enameled wire according to the characteristics and requirements of thei...

  • Enameled Wire Is the Most Common Cable Product Around Us

    Now, we are using more and more cable equipment here, because these cables play a very important role on our side. Many of the electrical appliances around us require the use of these cables. Enameled wire is the most common cable product around us. Many friends pay great attention to the quality an...

  • How to Choose the Right Enameled Wire Manufacturer

    Even though we often see a variety of copper-clad Enameled Aluminum Wire in our lives, but many people still don't understand how the copper-clad aluminum enameled wire should cater to the market changes. Here I will introduce you to the copper-clad aluminum enameled wire that everyone chose. The en...

  • The Aspects of the Enameled Wire Need to Be Inspected

    The enameled wire is also subjected to inspection after it is finished. The following are the aspects of the enameled wire need to be inspected. 1. Adhesion: Whether the paint film is cracked when it is rapidly stretched. 2. Pinhole: A small hole in the film that cannot be discerned by visual inspec...