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  • Xinyu Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (ECCA)

    Enameled Wire is a main variety of the winding wire, composed by conductor and insulating layer. After the bare wires are annealed soften, then through many times paint, and bake to the finished product. Enameled wire is a main material for the electrical machine,electrical appliance,household appli...

  • How to Distinguish Real Copper Enameled Wire II

         Look at the section; it is easy to see because the thicker wires use copper-clad aluminum. Therefore, the general copper clad aluminum is a soft wire, and there are many small filaments and multiple strands. But as long as you cut the cross section and see the whitish (aluminum color) you can i...

  • How to Distinguish Real Copper Enameled Wire I

         At present, there are a lot of cables in the wire market (especially on the security line). Copper enameled wire and copper-clad aluminum-magnesium wire are a new material that has just emerged in recent years. In order to create greater profits, unscrupulous merchants Manufacturers order coppe...

  • The Functions of the Enameled Wire Are Related to the Paint Film

         In addition to scale, electrical resistance and resilience, the other functions of the enameled wire are related to the paint film. Thus, in the case of an appropriate and stable enamelled process, enamelled wire lacquer is a key factor affecting the function of the enameled wire. In order to m...

  • Comparison of Common Treatment Methods for VOCs in Enameled Wire Industry

         Commonly used methods are cooling method, adsorption method, combustion method, and the like.   Cooling method refers to the use of temperature difference to cool the exhaust gas into waste liquid. The purification rate of this method can only reach 45% at most, and it takes a lot of energy to ...