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  • Introduce The Fire Prevention Technology of Varnish Wire

    Wire and cable are often seen in our lives, so everyone must know that the outer surface of the wire and cable has many characteristics, such as heat insulation, flame retardant, etc., so many areas will use it, then Everyone may have some doubts about the fire protection technology of these cables....

  • Introduction to The Classification of Aluminum Magnet Wire

    Aluminum Magnet Wire can be classified according to their basic composition, conductive core and electrical insulation. Generally, it is divided into an aluminum core enameled wire, an aluminum core wrapped wire, an aluminum core enamel wrapped wire and an inorganic insulated wire according to the i...

  • How to Self-check Aluminum Winding Wire

    In factories, Aluminum Winding Wire are common to us. In order to improve the use quality of aluminum winding wires, prevent and reduce the occurrence of unqualified products, the unqualified factors are solved in the production process, and operators are especially encouraged to carry out self-insp...

  • Enameled Wire Is An Important Branch of Electromagnetic Wire

    Enameled Wire is one of the most important types of electromagnetic wire, consisting of conductor and the insulating layer. Bare wire is annealed and softened, then painted and baked several times. The quality characteristics of various enameled wires are different, but they all have four major func...

  • There Will Be More Applications of Aluminum Winding Wire in The Future

    Aluminum Winding Wire is a kind of winding wire that is used more and more at present, which is inseparable from its own performance characteristics. Aluminum winding wire not only retains some advantages of copper winding wire but also has more advantages in weight and cost. Therefore, it is favour...