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  • Flat (Rectangular) Enameled Copper Wire Description

    Xinyu enameled wire electrical is a professional Copper Enameled Wire and enameled aluminum wire manufacturer, to build mutual confidence and platform between each other. In the future, we will give our customers high quality services. Also, we hope we can have a good cooperation and develop togethe...

  • Xinyu Enameled Wire Supported by First-rate Management Team

    Xinyu Enameled Wire Electrical is a professional enameled wire supplier, we have a dedicated, reliable and handpicked first-rate management team that are committed to providing you with fast response times with your queries, service and anything else you need help with. Efficient implementation has ...

  • Xinyu Enameled Wire with Strong Quality

    As a professional enameled wire supplier - has sophisticated equipment and strong technical force. We are a manufacturer specialized in the production of enameled aluminum wire and Enameled Copper Wire, Xinyu enameled wire electrical is one of the largest manufacturers in the ...

  • The Damage Reasons for Enameled Wire

    The insulation is damp. This condition is also common and generally occurs at enameled wire joints in direct buried or drained pipes. For example, if the enameled wire joint is unqualified and the joint is made under humid climatic conditions, the joint will be filled with water or mixed with water ...

  • Xinyu Specialized in Manufacturing Various Enameled Wire

    Xinyu-enameledwire is a professional company engaged in producing enameled wire. We offer enameled aluminum wire and Copper Enameled Wire. Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire can work continuously under 130C and has excellent and electrical properties and is suitable for winding in general motors of ...