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  • Detection and Control of Electrical Performance of Copper Winding Wire

    Copper Winding Wire is the main raw material for many kinds of motors. As a motor manufacturer, how to quickly determine the quality of the copper winding wire is important. The inspection and control of copper winding wire is set in the incoming inspection link, and the inspection and control means...

  • Effectively Control High Quality Of Enameled Copper Wire

    Enameled Copper Wire is a kind of enameled wire. Besides enameled copper wire, there are also enameled aluminum wires, etc. Enameled wire is the main type of winding wire, which consists of conductor and the insulating layer. Bare wire is annealed and softened, then painted and baked many times. How...

  • Ecca Wire Are Manufactured By Cladding Welding Technology

    ECCA Wire adopts advanced cladding welding manufacturing technology to concentrically clad high-quality copper tape on the outer surface of core wires such as aluminum rods or steel wires, and to form a firm metallurgical bond between the copper layer and the core wires. The two different metal mate...

  • What Should I Know Before Buying Copper Enameled Wire

    Before we buy copper enameled wire, we still need to do some understanding work, and then we can get better results. However, many people do not know what they want to do well before they buy, which has a great impact on themselves. Now let's go further and explain, in the end, before we make the pu...

  • How To Judge The Quality Of Ecca Wire

    There are many ECCA Wire manufacturers, but each manufacturer uses different equipment and processing technology, so the quality of the final products will vary greatly. As consumers, we not only pay attention to the price of such products but also hope to buy products with better quality, so as to ...