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  • Analysis of The Characteristics of Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire

    Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire has various advantages of copper and many properties of aluminum, so its performance is better, showing excellent characteristics during our use. Next, let's learn about the characteristics of copper clad aluminum winding wire. Direct current resistivity: The direct...

  • Development of Different Types of Enameled Wire

    1. Acetal Enameled Wire Acetal enameled wire is one of the earliest varieties developed in the world. It was put on the market by Germany and the United States respectively in 1930. The Soviet Union also developed rapidly. There are two kinds of polyvinyl formal and polyvinyl acetal. China also succ...

  • ECCA Manufacturer Introduces Requirements for Annealing Process

    Annealing of enameled copper clad aluminum wire is the same as that of copper wire, eliminating cold work hardening phenomenon after drawing, and softening twisted crystal lattice by recrystallization to restore regular arrangement. The following ECCA Manufacturer will specifically introduce its ent...

  • Preventing Corrosion of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Is Key

    In order to avoid electrochemical corrosion of the end of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, the best way is to isolate the end from the atmosphere. At present, there are mainly two ways to solve this problem: 1. Electroplating: Plating a layer of copper on the butt joint of enameled copper clad al...

  • The Future Market Situation of ECCA Wire

    In view of the continuous improvement of the living standards of the domestic groups, the ECCA Wire industry has made great progress, thus activating the demand of the ECCA wire industry. At present, the domestic ECCA wire industry is very large, involving a wide range of industries, ranging from ho...