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  • Temperature directly affects the service life of Aluminum Magnet Wire

    As an indispensable and important mechanical insulation material in industrial production, the most important thing for the properties of Aluminum Magnet Wire is its stability, which has lost its stability. This small aluminum magnet wire may cause serious damage to the whole mechanical products. Wh...

  • Production Performance Requirements of Enameled Wire

    Chemical properties: 1. Enameled Wire must be dipped after being wound into coils. Solvents in the dipped paint have different degrees of swelling effect on the paint film, especially at high temperatures. 2. The impregnated winding may be thermally cracked due to thermal action during use, so the i...

  • Analysis of Market Characteristics of Copper Enameled Wire Industry in China

    (1) China has become a major producer and consumer of enameled wire With the transfer of the world manufacturing centre and the formation of China as the world manufacturing centre, the global copper enameled wire market has also begun to gradually transfer to China. At the same time, thanks to the ...

  • ECCA Wire Are Classified According to Their Applications

    ECCA Wire refers to wire and cable that uses aluminum core wire instead of copper as the main body of the cable and is covered with a certain proportion of copper layer. For the mechanical and electrical installation industry, wires and cables occupy an important position in the mechanical and elect...

  • What Should Be Paid Attention to When The Copper Enameled Wire Is Wound

    Enameled wire is the main type of winding wire, which consists of a conductor and the insulating layer. Bare wire is annealed and softened, then painted and baked many times. So, in the winding process of copper enameled wire, what should we pay attention to? 1. Scratch during the winding process. B...