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  • Relationship Between Chemical Structure and Enamel Layer of Enameled Wire

    Trying to find some relationship between the observability of the enameled wire and the chemical composition of the enamel used is a difficult but significant task. We do not yet have a complete understanding of this issue, but the results we have reached are worth mentioning. The general principle ...

  • Demands Made on the Enameled Wire and Methods of Testing

    Test the finished product line with a fair amount of performance. The uniformity of the enamel layer is very important for the enameled wire for winding applications: the enamel can not show any unevenness or dents, and the thickness must be evenly coated around the copper. Such enameled wires tend ...

  • How to Control Quality of Enamelled Wire

    In normal operation of the enamelled wire machine, the operator's energy and physical strength are mostly consumed in the despooling part, the operator to pay a lot of labor in the exchange of despooling spools, and it is easily to cause quality and operational problems when proceed. The effective m...

  • Application of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire

    In general, enameled copper wire is mainly used for general motors, transformers and other electrical instrumentation workplace, such as polyester enameled wire and modified polyester enameled wire. We all know that enameled copper winding wire is mainly used motors, transformers and other electrica...

  • The Processing of Manufacturing China Enameled Wire

    A good China enameled wire needs to be applied to the enameled wire as thinly as possible, otherwise it will drip and thus be unevenly distributed over the wire. Therefore, some coatings need to be applied one after another to achieve the desired insulation thickness, which may be, for example, g. 1...